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    Alright, i know you all know that rap music is growing and being accepted in Kaduna state precisely. So we thought we should bring you the list of the top 10 best rappers in Kaduna state.

    Please this article is not restricted to any rap pattern so the list comprises of both Secular and gospel rappers of Kaduna.

    Okay. I know you can’t wait for the list but permit me to say there are a lot of good rappers in Kaduna industry though some are just getting recognition recently, and others,  are yet to be recognised.

    So the list goes as follows:

    10 – Shamah.

    Shamah had been in the industry for a very long time, I first  knew him way back then when the current churchboiz.com was churchboiz.tk, I’ve personally met him in some couple of shows before. The Fat young rapper is creative and also good. He went to Kaduna State University (KASU) what I am not certain of is whether he is a graduate or still schooling there. More information about him will be released soon.


    9 – Meysha (BossBoy)

    Meysha a.k.a Bossboy is also a young talented rapper, it’s been a while he released a song now but if am not mistaken, the last track he left for us was ‘Dole.’  Actually he is not  noisy on social media like that but he has been in the industry for a long time. And he made positive contributions towards it. He is the owner of BossBoy Music.

    8 – El Blash (Incredible Blash)

    Elblash is from beehive (Bauchi) but he is based in Kaduna. The talented rapper is fast and bilingual. He has not made any moves for a while now, but according to him stuffs are too tight for him presently as he is currently serving his father land. He graduated from Kaduna State University where he studied chemistry.  He has worked with rappers like I.B.I and made awesome and creative music.

    7 – I.B.I

    Ibrahim Iliya (I.B.I) has done a lot of things in the Kaduna Entertainment Industry, he owns the croccity awards, zanfada and Kaduna buy and sell. The musician / Entrepreneur works and contributions towards the growth of Kaduna Industry is highly commendable. Kaduna should be grateful to have a young man like this. He has created music that really disturbed the streets. Songs like Alhamdullilahi, Wuta Wuta and so on. He schooled in Malaysia and served in Plateau state.

    6 – DJ A.B

    Dj Abba is currently the most successive rapper with the biggest fan base in Kaduna. Yes, we said that. He has been in this industry for long and still maintained his place. Right now he has collaborated with other celebrities like Yung6ix and is currently is making waves. He has 200k+ followers on social media and people really loved him. DJ Ab’s songs are being played everywhere in the northern part of Nigeria. The Talented singer is Graced.

    5 – Abokina Xdough

    Xdough is a hausa rapper like Dj AB, he has gained a massive recognition in Kaduna and other part of the northern Nigeria. He is talented and good at what he does. There had been rumours that he has signed under AREWA MAFIA a record label owned by ClassiQ. We don’t really know how true the matter is though.

    4 – Kevin Words

    This brilliant rapper studied at ABU Zaria. He is talented just like the others and his style of delivery is astonishing. I first knew him when someone recommended him as one of the performing artist to a show i was part of the organizers, then i heard a couple of songs he was featured and songs of his own and from that point i was like damn, this nigga is good!

    3 – Spokesman

    Yeah, Spokesman is a gospel rapper but believe me because the man is gospel doesn’t reduce a thing about his quality. When it comes to Hip Hop, he is aggressively excellent. He has made a lot of songs that we are so familiar with here in Kaduna and also part of the country. Spokesman as we could gather, is a lecturer, we don’t know which institute he works at though but the man is blessed and graced

    2 – D.I.A

    Didam is currently the trending rapper in Kaduna, he has secured his fame in our beautiful region. Currently, his song Vote Not Fight In which he featured BOC MADAKI is the most downloaded song on our platform. The rapper had won best rapper in Kaduna Entertainment Award 2016 and still dishing out wonderful songs. We are blessed to have him with us in Kaduna.

    1 – Nomad

    Nomad is a gospel rapper based in Kaduna, he is studying CRS at NSUK. This rapper has been in this industry for a long time and is still making waves and giving us the good message through his songs. Nomad can be compared to the likes of Mode9 or M.I.  His latest song on the Cross is currently trending.

    Please note that there are currently alot of good artist out here, we selected this ones from the best of our knowledge this are people who had been here since for a long time and gained recognition, we know alot of young arts who recently gained recognition please note that an article about Recently Blown In KD artistes is coming by your way. Thanks.


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