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Residents of Kaduna community cry out over absence of potable water

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    Residents of Shooting Range, Kabala Doki in Kaduna metropolis have said they rely mainly on mobile water vendors due to the absence of potable water in the area in the past six years.

    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the mobile water vendors, popularly known as “mai-ruwa’’ sell water from door-to-door to households with pushcarts in the area.

    NAN correspondent, who visited Kabala Doki area on Thursday, March 14, reports that although some of the residents have boreholes, most of the boreholes have either broken down or not working.

    Some of the residents, who spoke with NAN, described the situation as terrible, saying that “mai-ruwa’’ remained the major suppliers of water to the over 80 percent population of the area.

    A resident, Yahaya Mua’zu said that the water situation in the area had made life unbearable as residents were being forced to put some house chores on hold due to lack of water.

    He said: “Currently, our only source of water is mai-ruwa, who supply water to our door steps at N25 per 20 litre plastic jerry can.

    “This is very expensive because a family will need at least 960 litres a day at N1,200, meaning a family will spend N8,400 a week and N33,600 a month for water.

    “This is huge. How much does an average family earn in a month to afford to spend N33,600 every month on water?” 

    Mu’azu called on the state government to do something about the situation to alleviate the suffering of the residents.

    Another resident, Sherifat Saidi pointed out that life would have been even more difficult for the community, if like tap water, the mai-ruwas were not available to supply water for residents.

    “The water vendors are really helping around here. Though very expensive, if you put together how much one has to spend on water every day, but we have no other alternative,” Saidi said. 

    SOURCE : Legit.ng


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