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‘NH3ree’ Announces Release Of His Upcoming Project Titled ‘The CoverTape (Gospel According To HipHop; The Prequel)

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    December is here which is the last month of the year and lots of surprises keep coming. Believe me 2020 is going to be great! Amazing events coming, great songs to be released, a lot of other exciting packages awaits us.

    NH3ree is a gospel rapper, he took to his social media handle to make this big announcement about a Project he’ll be dropping off for us in anticipation for his project the Invitation..

    Earlier before he made this announcement, he had disclosed a vital information to KrockcityBlog about this project ‘The CoverTape (Gospel According To HipHop; The Prequel)” he told us that the project is a compilation of all the covered songs he have successfully recorded in last decade. It also includes some songs he recorded using downloaded Instrumental within the last decade also.

    He also revealed the date that he will release the project which is 23 January 2020. As at then when he disclosed the information to us, he said the project is 70% ready.. But our main concern is the date of release lol😂.

    In addition, he gave us a little highlight on the tracklist that this project encompasses.

    The Cover List

    • Cover1 – Ajigijaga ft. TeeVibez (Reminisce in 2018)

    • Cover2 – Blessed Somebody (Nolly in 2017)

    • Cover3 – BodyBag (Steffan Otto in 2019)

    • Cover4 – Grace Talk (LilMizzy in 2017)

    • Cover5 – Oyel (Okey Sokay in 2016)

    • Cover6 – Tare Da Mu (Prime Minister in 2018)

    Bonus Track List

    1. God-Head (Afro-Pop Version)

    2. I(Eye) Witness

    3. Misfit

    4. Wa(o)rship ft. JerryFlow

    He went further to give us an illustration of how the appreciation would look like and it goes like:

    Specially I ‘preciate God almighty, the mightiest of all mighty for the inspiration through His manuscripts (2Tim.3:16,17).

    Secondly, I ‘preciate every CHH minister (whose songs were covered), Reminisce and featured ministers (for their verses & vocals) for making the instrumentals/free verses available to ensure this project comes to completion.

    Thirdly, I salute every producer involved in this project for their time and dedication shown to ensure the completion of “The coverTape.” Blessings!

    Fourthly, I salute Krockcity.com for the support within the last decade. Your labour of love will not be forgotten by God and He alone will reward such labor in His own time in accordance to His will. Lastly, To every fan of NH3ree, for believing in and supporting me God make you bigger.

    All free verses were written by NH3ree. Cover5 free verse was recorded, mixed & mastered by G-beats of Photizo Studio in 2016 while other covers and bonus tracks were recorded, mixed and master by Dj Effect of ELR (Effect Loops Record) in years as indicated above. CoverTape art design by Mista Jay of ArewaConnect24.

    Believe me this project is gonna be life changing, it’s really a great one. But most importantly don’t forget that Invitation is another project coming up after The CoverTape

    Instagram/Twitter: @NH3ree_Polymath
    Facebook: NH3ree_POH


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