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Meet Cristal Potential The Artist

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    Meet Mr Eze aka Cristal Potential The great artist and sculpturist

    He hails from Croccity(Kaduna) he is Gbagyi by tribe. He goes further to explain that this gift of artistry was given to him by God.

    Here are some of his artistic works which have been made available for display for your pleasure. And to also let you know you can get yours according to your preference.

    With Cristal Potential there is nothing he can put out on paper with his pen, pencils and Brush.

    He specializes in putting creativity, style and class on anything he can lay his hands on.

    Cristal specializes in making unique and conceptual artifacts, which bring out quality and Valor on every piece of his art.

    A touch of Cristal on anything creates something superfluous

    Don’t dull Cristal Potential is the right Guy for your artistry works,sculpture, painting,cresting on jeans, jackets etc

    Call us on +2349038516687

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