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Krockcity meets with Shino Boy


    Krockcity meets with Shino Boy 😎

    Krockcity:Good day Shino Boy,we are glad to have you here with us.

    We know shino Boy to be your stage name,what is your full name?

    Shino Boy: my full name is Benjamin Arome.

    Krockcity: Hmmm, Mr Benjamin,I know most of your fans are only getting to know your full name.

    What’s your State of origin and which institution did you graduate from?

    Shino Boy: Am from kogi State, but I grew up in Abuja,infact I do my music in Abuja,Lagos and here am I now gradually getting familiar and famous in kaduna,and then of course kogi.

    Krockcity:How can you describe your music career in few words?

    Shino Boy: my music career has been promising interesting,fun and sweet,na God kawai

    Krockcity:What inspired you to be a singer?

    Shino Boy: I love sounds naturally.

    Krockcity:Have you been to kd and what do you think about KD entertainment industry and also name an event you have been invited to in KD?

    Shino Boy: yeah I have been to KD numerous times,all I see n sense in KD music industry is greatness and is about to blow,like Boom💣,I attended The Take Over(evolution of Kings) with The Marble Kings conglomerate.

    Krockcity: Is there hope in music in the north?and what can u tell those who have given up or about to on themselves and their hustle.

    Shino Boy: I feel there is no essence giving up for,if u have an aim and target like, you should live or even die for it,hard times is shuffling Kings who can stand last, Don’t give up!!

    Krockcity: What is well your greatest challenge?

    Shino Boy: My greatest challenge is getting my music to the right ears and you know finance constraint😜

    Krockcity: your hobbies,likes& dislikes

    Shino Boy: Singing, Teamwork, and I f***ing dislike misunderstanding and dissapointment

    Krockcity: Finally we heard you are dropping a new song titled “If e no b God” what should we expect?

    Shino Boy: Hmmm within this song lies a secret key,all I can say now is expect Greatness!

    My people are you have heard it all,it’s been a wonderful time with Shino Boy,we hope on having more in KD.

    Below are two awesome songs from shino Boy, 1. Shino Boy-Sengelenge 2.Shino Boy-mogbe Enjoy!!

    Download Below

    # File Description File size Downloads
    1 mp3 Shino boy - Sengelenge 4 MB 1084
    2 mp3 Shino boy-mogbe 4 MB 831

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