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[Music] Kespan – Your Love (Bata Karewa)

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    In life, no matter how far we run, how weak and broken we are, we should always remember one thing; God’s love for us never change nor end. For example this recent virus (Corona) situation, many had died but I believe in God’s Love, I believe that there is no place too dark for God’s light to penetrate and no heart too difficult to be set aflame by his Love. In conclusion believe and trust that God gives us life as an expression of Love and that the purpose of life is to grow in love. Gods love for us is just exceptional.

    – Mercy Peter Usman



    When I’m weak and when I’m strong

    When with you and when alone

    When I’m right and when I’m wrong

    I can see your love Bata karewa


    Through the pain and through the gain

    Through the shame and through the blame

    Everytime I call your name

    I can see your love Bata karewa


    Oh oh oh oh … Oh oh

    I can see your love Bata karewa


    When I’m in need my mouth is open

    When you’re mute and have not spoken

    When I have and when I’m broke


    In all that I’ve been going through

    You have been Faithful, Pure and True

    In all the things that I do…

    Your love Bata karewa


    Oh oh oh oh … Oh oh

    I can see your love Bata karewa


    Through the dark and through the light

    Through the falls and through the rise

    Through it all I’m on your sight

    For your love Bata karewa


    Your love Bata karewa…


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