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Kaduna Guys here is some Valentine Tips To Make your woman proud. By Abey Lighter @abeylighter.

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    What’s up guys, As y’all know valentine is around the corner so i thought i might give in some help on how to go about having a sweet romantic valentine.

    First of all,  I have have a confession to make, and I know I am not alone; I really don’t like the commerciality that surrounds Valentines Day. Y’all know what am talking about, The ice cream taste wonderful, no doubt about that. The Flowers smell excellently nice. that’s for sure. The jewelries makes sense. But really? does any of those really speaks love? Or were they able to speak from your heart what you really convey for her? Probably not.

    Okay, let me continue. I have some tips with low commerciality and a conveniency to make you have a wonderful time this valentine.. OK so lets start.

     Tip Number One: Stretch / Blend Yourself

    Actually think of a good creative idea you definitely know she would love even if it doesn’t seem to fit your character, just think of something creative then try to execute it. If  it doesn’t fit your character, you can either try to blend with it / give it your best shot or You leave it. She will appreciate your efforts even if it’s  not perfectly done.

    Tip Number Two – Make Promises You Can Keep

    You don’t have to promise her the world, “I will buy you diamonds, cars Big house and build you a boutique” lol, There is nothing wrong in buying her a car or building her a boutique if you have got the funds. All am saying is there are simple things you can promise her and fulfill, i.e you can promise your wife that is if you are married to help her in washing the dishes or cleaning the house or preparing the children to school for a week or so. Am not really saying you should promise her to do all i mention, am just saying promise her things you know you can fulfill. If you’re not married, you could do the same, promise her things you can fulfill.

    Tip Number Three – Make A List Of Things You Love About Her.

    You can write down list of things you like about her. Give her all the compliments, make her understand that she’s the queen. After that find a place in your house and paste it there. Make sure she notice it. You could even Print it.

    Tip Number Four. Learn How To Dance.

    Actually some couples haven’t dance together since their marriage, and same is applicable to some guys they haven’t danced with their love ones before. Well in this season make sure that story changes. Learn how to dance if you don’t know how to. I have some dancing moves i could teach you that’s if you want LOL. But seriously shake off, shake body play a song and dance with your partner.

    Tip Number Five – Cook Food.

    When last did you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal for her? we understand you have a job to make it up to and probably your schedules are tight. But on this day, Try by all means to Save her the cooking stress. Tell her “Baby relax, today i will handle the kitchen, sit back and watch some movie while i enter the kitchen to prepare you food.”

    And know that it is very important you cook her favorite meal that day.If you don’t know how to cook browse online, search Youtube there are couple of videos that will help.

    Tip Number Six – Show Her Love

    Someone might be wondering show her love how? am not saying you should draw a heart and paint it in red, lol, if you search the Internet ‘Google Specifically’ with the words Love, After the definitions other results of images of a red heart appears. Definitely that’s not the kind of love am recommending you show her.
    Try do something you have never done to her before and she was never expecting you to do it to her. Give her a surprise.

    I can only stop here for now. But there are a lot of things you could do on that day to catch fun. Remember Valentine only comes once in a year so try your possible best to make it a memorable one.

    Your’s Faithfully
    Abey Lighter


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