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    Kaduna Buy and Sell is a trade event meant for enterpreneurs to come showcase,market and sell their products and services to a bigger market than the usual.The event is titled Kaduna Buy and Sell but is not limited to kaduna based vendors or participants alone neither is there a division of religion,it is open for every one to be a part of because it is more like a trade fair with Games to create entertainment amongst participants.

    The Maiden second edition of the Kaduna buy and sell was held on 11th febuary and 31st sept-1st octorber,2018.Though not sponsored , attracted approximately 2000 and 4000 attendees in both editions with a reasonable affluent number which is proved by the majority of our vendors who were glad to report that they really sold their items and made more contacts with appropriate prospective customers.

    This therefore presupposes that with your involvement in the 3rd edition,the number will be multiplied and will help a lot more enterpreneurs who are struggling to generate customers.

    Aside benefitting us alone we believe that your brand will also be promoted

    Also you will come in contact with large customer base and will gain a large awareness on all our social media pages and website,radio stations and TV stations respectively.


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