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How a 1993 episode of The Simpsons predicted coronavirus and ‘murder hornets’ in 2020 (Watch Video)

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    While the world reels from the global COVID-19 pandemic, an episode from The Simpsons in 1993 has started becoming viral on the Internet again – for predicting both the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the murder hornets which followed in 2020.
    The 1993 episode titled “Marge in Chains” (Season 4, Episode 21) shows a mysterious virus from Asia invading the town of Springfield. The virus starts in Japan, where a sick factory employee in Japan sneezes into numerous packages containing juicers, that multiple people in Springfield buy – and on opening the packages, contract the disease.
    The symptoms of the virus, which is called the ‘Osaka Flu’ turn out to be eerily similar to today’s coronavirus crisis – all symptoms of a common flu.
    The disease spreads quickly through their current town, and they battle it in the same way as the entire world currently reels under the coronavirus pandemic – without a cure.
    Looking for a cure, even a ‘placebo’ a mob forms, demanding answers from a doctor. In their frenzy, they find a box labeled “Killer Bees,” which crashes to the ground, opening and unleashing a large swarm of the deadly insects into the horrified crowd.

    Watch video:

    Murder Hornets or the Asian Giant Hornets are the largest existing species of hornets in the world. They have come to limelight after they destroyed a US-based man’s beehive.
    A report published in The New York Times emphasized how a beekeeper’s hives were destroyed by this breed of hornets. The beekeeper was not aware of what went wrong till he came to know about these. The Vespa mandarinia can actually destroy an entire beehive in a matter of few hours. They are said to do this so that they can take bee thoraxes to feed the younger Asian Giant Hornets.


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