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BOOM! Fans Blame Rapper Drake For Anthony Joshua’s KO Loss

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    It is believed that if Drake poses for a picture with an athlete before an important match, that athlete is doom to loss. People Termed This #DrakeCurse 

    Drake ‘very publicly’ sided with Anthony Joshua head of the Brit’s Madison Square Garden debut night before the fight.

    Certainly, Drake felt that an Anthony Joshua wager would be the cure-all for his dreaded curse. In fact, the “Drake Curse” has become such a deterrent to sports fans, that people are resorting to fighting superstition with superstition: i.e. wearing the opposition’s colors.


    Drake really just ruined Anthony Joshua’s career

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    Worse of all, Ruiz’ fighting stance couldn’t any more different than Jarrell Miller’s “hunker down” style. If you’ll recall, Miller was forced to renege on his purse when a drug test turned up positive for just about every substances you could think of. Is Drake to blame for Joshua’s misfortunes, or is Ruiz due a fair share of praise for having done his homework?

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    Tyson Creme 🎨@TysonCreme

    AJ lost his first match to Ruiz Jr 3 weeks after posting up with Drake. This man Drake needs to get locked up. It’s a crime against sports at this point.

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    Kel Dansby@KelDansby

    The has seriously reached Final Destination levels of inevitability. It may not get you today, tomorrow, or your immediate fight… But it will get you in the end!

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