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Biography Of JoeBrown

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    JoeBrown is one of the fastest growing rapper in Kaduna State presently, he  has contributed to the music industry here in Kaduna and has done a lot of acknowledged work to the Gospel part.

    This post contains his Biography we thought you would love to know more about the talented Rapper/ Lyricist

    Joebrown, Born Joel Mallam
    Is Adara by tribe and from the Idon district of Kajuru Local Govt. He
    Was Raised and Brought up in Malali, a Town in Kaduna State, Nigeria.
    Where he did his Kindergarten school at Convenant School, Started his
    Primary school at Prudence International School and then Later on
    Completed and obtained his primary school certificate at Victory Model
    School International!
    He started high school at a Government Junior Secondary School,
    Badarawa Kaduna, moved to Government College Kagoro in JSS 2,
    Obtained his JSCE and started Federal Government College Malali
    For his SSS!
    Went further to study Quantity Surveying at Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic


    Joebrown started his passion for music at a tender age, as he was
    Early introduced to the Thriller Album of Michael Jackson!
    Any time the Video Album was played, he jumped on the center table
    And mimed MJ! Later on uncles around played Rap songs of the likes
    Of 2pac, Jah Rule, Nas, DMX, and he started mimicking them.
    He got influenced when he got wiser and could relate to the likes of
    Vector Tha Viper, M.I, Phenom, Spokesman, Ice Prince, MC Jin, NF,
    Yung6ix, just to mention a few!
    There he started Honing and Nurturing his Rap Skills in the Shades. Grew
    In punchlines, Freestyles and adapts to different genres of music and runs
    Through fast and slow Tempo with a pleasant ENGAUSA tone.
    He did his first record 2013, where he could only send songs to people
    In his area! In 2014, he contested for a Gospel Talent Hunt in the Area, where
    He emerged as the best Rapper and the over all 2nd Runner up! There he Got recognition in the Area(Malali).
    In 2015, he started his CHH career and got signed to a record Label
    And dissolved the deal in ending 2017. He then released a hit track “Wuta Bal Bal” which gave him recognition in and out of the state!
    And ever since then he kept the fire burning.
    Visit www.churchboiz.com/joebrown to get his songs.

    He grew up Learning a Hand work(Cobbling) since 2009,
    There he got Funds to support his Music Career, as nobody was
    There to sponsor his career! God, Zeal and passion kept him moving.
    He stood up and had to take a step of being his own boss since
    He lost his boss (Benjamin Ali Benzer) to a local Crisis.

    email: 1joebrownng@gmail.com
    Facebook: Joebrown NG
    Twitter: @joebrown_ng
    Instagram: @joebrown_ng


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